Experience by Design

The Experiential Palate with Anthony Rocco

Episode Summary

Anthony Rocco has covered a lot of area in experience design. From early training in directing and cinema, to working with Burning Man and the Latitude Society, Anthony knows about designing and staging experiences. We talk about how to find the sweet spot with pushing the envelope and meeting people where they are. We also cover deeper questions about how to find common experiences as well as valuing diverse experiences. A fun conversation about the framing of experience design.

Episode Notes

What does chips and salsa, Meowoulf, and Burning Man have in common? What they all share is they are part of what our guest calls the Experiential Palate. They involve trying to connect with a person’s experiential aptitude to take in and appreciate what is being created for them. If you have salsa that is too spicy, no matter how good it might taste that is going to be overpowered by how overwhelming it is. Likewise, if you have an image that is too abstract or experimental, the viewer might not be able to connect with what the artist is trying to communicate. 

Anthony Rocco is an experience artist who is an architect of curiosity. Inspired by his education in cinema and directing, from the Latitude Society to Burning Man to his own creating of transformative leadership experiences for corporate clients, Anthony helps us unpack the underlying framework for what makes experience design work. For example, where does the value lie? He notes as designers it's our responsibility to design for the whole experience, not just the perception of it. Further, we open up the idea that curiosity mixed with design is about bringing stakeholders into the here and now so that we can see the often ignored and overlooked fabric of social life, to ask deeper questions and rethink how we conceptualize, construct, and frame our experiences.