Experience by Design

Privacy that Delights with Ben Brook

Episode Summary

One of the essential features of being human is having a sense of safety and security. In a world in which nothing feels private and personal data is constantly being breached, shared, and sold, it is increasingly hard to feel that safety. Ben Brook and Transcend are looking to change that. Ben visits the Experience by Design studios to talk about their mission to make privacy and data security a human right, how they help companies be who they wish they were, and how well-designed privacy experiences can provide moments of delight.

Episode Notes

When looking at American culture, you can see how security minded it is. Home security systems. Car security systems. Gun ownership for protection. Locking your doors. It is a society that in many ways does not trust its own environment. At the same, we have in many ways given up pretending that we have digital privacy and security. News reports of security breaches, stolen passwords, hacking, and cybercrime all create the sense that resistance is futile. 

Our guest today is looking to change that by making data privacy a human right. Ben Brook went to Harvard with aspirations of studying film. Soon after arriving, he turned his attention to books on the future of AI and computer science. This led to his co-creation of Transcend, a company that aims to make managing your data and privacy an easier and seamless experience.  

We talk about how cleaning up someone’s data is like throwing confetti into a ceiling fan, and how Transcend helps companies and consumers clean up that mess. Transcend also helps companies be who they wish they were but helping earn their customers’ trust in how they manage customer data. Inspired by regulations like GDPR and California’s CCPA, Transcend aims to educate end-users and give them increased control over their personal data as an enjoyable experience.