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Creating Serendipitous Experiences with David Adler

Episode Summary

On this episode of Experience by Design, we welcome David Adler, Founder and Chairman of BizBash, as well as author of "Harnessing Serendipity." David has a passion for creating opportunities for people to form connections. We explore what it means to design experience where people can have authentic moments of engagement and form serendipitous relationships that can be fulfilling. We talk about the oxytocin and emotional contagion, Jeffersonian dinner parties, being a collaboration artist, and how to harness serendipity.

Episode Notes

While technology may make it seem like we are constantly connected, the truth is that in many ways we have never been more disconnected from one another. The same devices that can bring the world to our fingertips can at the same time drive a barrier in between real moments of authentic connection. In many ways, this divorces us from ourselves regarding our true human nature. As human beings, we not only crave connection but also need connection. While Maslow put love and belonging in the middle of his pyramid, we could easily argue it should be at the top. Or at least, without feelings of belonging and connection, can we ever truly be our selves. 

For experience designers, we should be wondering how we can create experiences that provide for connection and belonging. As social scientists, none of this is new for we have long recognized the fundamental need for connection. However, in a society like the US that seems to prioritize the individual, we can forget that we can’t have an individual without a social. The trick then is how might we turn spaces into conduits for connection and belonging. Or, in order words, how do we reverse the ongoing atomization of our lives.

Today in the Experience by Design Studio, we have the honor of delving into the world of event planning and harnessing serendipity with our special guest, David Adler, CEO of Bizbash.

Throughout our conversation, we'll be diving into the details of soft power, collaboration, and emotional contagion. We'll explore how David's insights can help us create new opportunities and possibilities that might not otherwise exist. 

David is a pioneer in understanding the power of collaboration artists and how they can generate unique ideas and solutions while mobilizing diverse networks towards common goals. We'll also explore his thoughts on fostering collaboration and innovation, intergenerational interaction, and the impact of technology on our social connections. Oh and how to have a good Jeffersonian dinner party.

It’s a great convo we can’t wait to share, so sit back, relax, put your tray tables in an upright position and get ready to explore the art of experience by design with our guest David Adler.